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Expert Tips for

Home Sellers

Think “improvements”

While you don’t necessarily have to add on a new room or two, make some basic improvements. Fixing up the house can make a significant difference in the eyes of buyers. If the house needs a paint job, use neutral colors, the same with new carpeting. Also make the grounds appealing.

Get pre-approved

Buyers will most likely have inspections done before they purchase your home and ask you for repairs. Having an inspection done before you list gives you the chance to take care of the small things and be prepared to negotiate on the more expensive issues.

Be careful with promises

Don’t overcommit yourself. There are some things that you can take care of for the buyer, but others that you cannot. Negotiate.

Set a fair price

Be realistic about your asking price ”” know what other comparable homes have sold for in your area. Factor in the location, age of the house, economic conditions and improvements you’ve made. Also, consider an asking price just below the closest round number. For example, instead of $200,000, ask $199,000. That way when buyers look for houses up to $200,000, your house will come up. It also makes the price appear significantly lower when it’s really not.

Think about a real estate agent

When choosing an agent, first make sure you are working with a seller’s agent. Check his or her background and make sure he or she is familiar with your neighborhood. Find out how many homes he or she has sold in your area. Ask where your home will be listed and commit to at least six months; it takes time to show and market your home properly.

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