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Zager Foundation Has Started! Market Update – 7/22/2022

We have some super exciting news at the Zager Group! We have recently started the Zager Foundation and will be working on community improvement projects and donating to charities around the lake. Effective immediately, a portion of every sale will be donated to a local charity that has a proven track record for improving the lives of local kids, families, animals or the environment. We will be letting our clients choose the charity and making the donation in their name. We are featuring a few here and are open to adding more so please reach out if you have a charity or charitable project that is close to your heart!

Tax Deductible Donations

Tax deductible donations can significantly reduce your taxable income while helping a cause that you are passionate about and improving the community we live in. Tax deductible donations are contributions of money or goods (or expenses for volunteering) to a tax-exempt organization. Did you know that you can deduct up to 60% of your income?! For 2022 taxes, single filers can claim a $12,950 standard deduction, and married couples can claim a $25,900 standard deduction without having to itemize on your taxes. If itemized, you can deduct up to 60% of your adjusted gross income. We’ll go over how to claim charitable donations and tips for additional savings next week. Here are some local charities that we are excited to support:
AMERICAN RED CROSS OF NORTHERN NEVADA: Prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
Donations support: Disaster relief, America’s military families, lifesaving blood, health and safety services and international services.
Donate: redcross.org
BOYS & GIRLS CLUB: Provides children and teens a safe, positive and welcoming environment where they can have fun, enhance their education and experiences.
Donations support: After school program of art, ceramics, music appreciation, Reading with My Buddy, health and wellness programs, dance and girls groups as well as summer programs, summer camps and field trips.
Donate: bgclt.org
GIRLS ON THE RUN – SIERRAS: A physical activity based youth development program where girls meet in small teams to learn life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games.
Donations support: Scholarships for girls, running shoes and nutritional snacks.
FOOD BANK OF NORTHERN NEVADA: A collaborative network fighting to end hunger.
Donations support: Food distribution to sites in Northern Nevada.
Donate: fbnn.org
LAKE TAHOE HUMANE SOCIETY AND S. P. C. A.: Serving the needs of Tahoe animals in need.
Donations support: Spay and neuter program, Purple Paws Project.
Donate: laketahoehumanesociety.com
LEAGUE TO SAVE LAKE TAHOE: Dedicated to protecting and restoring the environmental health, sustainability, and scenic beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin, focusing on water quality and its clarity.
Donations support: Pipe Keepers, Shorezone Protection and other current projects.
Donate: keeptahoeblue.org
LIVE VIOLENCE FREE: Addresses domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and basic needs through education and advocacy.
Donations support: Programs and services for local survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.
Donate: liveviolencefree.org
PARASOL TAHOE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION: The area’s oldest and largest community foundation, dedicated to building prosperity through leadership, partnership and philanthropy.
Donations support: Donations, small and large, will support not just one cause, but many—education, the environment, arts and culture, human services and so much more! Every single penny makes a difference to your friends and neighbors in the Tahoe region.
TAHOE RIM TRAIL ASSOCIATION: Practice and inspire stewardship to maintain, enhance and preserve the Tahoe Rim Trail system and natural beauty of the Lake Tahoe region.
Donations support: Projects to preserve, maintain and protect the trail’s legacy.
Donate: tahoerimtrail.org
TAHOE TURNING POINT: Serves the children and families of our community through residential group homes, independent living programs, outpatient services and parenting skills programs.
Donations support: Substance abuse and addiction Services for the community.
Donate: tahoeturningpoint.org
TAHOE FUND: The goal of the Tahoe Fund is to become a major source of private funding for environmental projects around the Lake Tahoe Basin with an emphasis on forest health, lake clarity, sustainable recreation, transportation and stewardship.
Donations support: Ensure the successful completion of critical environmental improvement projects that restore the Lake’s famed clarity, improve and expand outdoor recreation, and educate the public on how to better care for our environment.
Donate: tahoefund.org
We would love to hear about other charities that are making a positive impact in our community so please reach out with your favorites and with any community improvement ideas!
Here’s the numbers from our local market this week:
We had no new condos and 2 new home come onto the market this week. We currently have 35 active condos ranging from $399,000 to $3,200,000; the median condo price is $818,000. We currently have 52 active homes on the East Shore ranging from $799,000 to $64,500,000 with the median price of $2,862,000. Here’s a year to date local update:

Local East Shore Lake Tahoe, Nevada Stats – All Year to Date

Total Sales YTD:
Condos: 60 (↓14% YOY) | Homes: 48 (↓52% YOY)
The Median Sales Price:
Condos: $702,500 (↑4% YOY) | Homes: $1,750,000 (↓20% YOY)
Number of Sales Over $1 Million:
Condos: 12 = 20% (↑6% YOY) | Homes: 41 = 85% (↑76% YOY)
Highest Priced Sale:
Condos: $5,665,500 (↑6% YOY) | Homes: $32,000,000 (↑52% YOY)
Median Price Per Square Foot:
Condos: $592.71 (↑13% YOY) | Homes: $630.55 (↑6% YOY)
Median Days on the Market:
Condos: 69 (↑33% YOY) | Homes: 75 (↑3% YOY)
List to Sell Price:
Condos: 99% (↓5% YOY) | Homes: 96% (↓1% YOY)
Price Reductions this Week:
Condos: 3 | Homes: 7
If someone you care about needs guidance or recommendations, please share our contact information as we are honored to be able to help! If you would like to receive our in-depth market update or would like an evaluation of your property’s value we would love to hear from you! We’ve put together some information below that we think you’ll find useful. If you have anything you want to share with our community please let us know so that it can be included in future newsletters.

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